Days 1 and 2

Day 1

Friday morning our friend and host Joseph (Sign with Your Baby) shuttled us to the Canadian border near Blaine, WA–by way of a delicious breakfast at the Wake-and-Bakery in Glacier. We got to the Peace Arch–a little bit of pastoral beauty sandwiched between two lines of border-crossing traffic–at 10-ish. A lovely passerby snapped the obligatory back-tire-in-Canada pics for us, and we were off.

The first hour or so of our short ride back to Bellingham was spent getting lost and found, troubleshooting the Garmin (instead of just shooting it, though we were tempted), and rearranging the content of the bags. 32 miles and a thousand feet of climbing, and we were back at Joseph’s and ready for a night on the town.

That night ended back in peaceful Glacier, with a drink at the local pub Graham’s and a pre-bedtime soak in the hot tub under the stars, with a lot of quiet and with a clear view of the startlingly proximate Mt. Baker, a 10,780-foot active volcano with one of the highest snowfalls in the lower 48.

This weekend the annual ” Ski to the Sea” race features relay teams of locals and visitors who ski or board the mountain, kayak and raft the Nooksack River, bike, run etc. down to the Bellingham harbor. We, however, are riding our own ride.

Day 2

Up and off from Joseph’s (where we’d parked our bikes the day before) around 10, a little later than intended but only because we were enjoying the company of our friends.

After navigating our way down to and out of the city, in city traffic, we enjoyed a nice climb with a clear view of Bellingham Bay.

Maybe the riding highlight of the day, despite being mansplained to by a couple of guys on road bikes who knew everything and then some about bike touring. We shook them, and rolled into the adorable, bike-friendly town of Edison, then Bay View, and finally Whitney for lunch at what felt like a very midwestern joint.

After three more hours of riding, and several more unexpected climbs, we made it–cold, hungry, happy–into Coupeville, WA, a small waterfront town on Whidbey Island, where we snagged the last room in town. Day 2 totals: 70.5 miles, 3261 feet of climbing, 6 and a quarter hours in the saddle. Hoping the perfect weather continues–maybe we can just mail our rain gear home?

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