On the Road!

Wednesday morning we packed the rental van with our bikes & bags, and bid adieu to home and (one of us more philosophically than the other) cats. North across Lassen, Modoc, and Siskiyou counties, a quick lunch at Klamath Basin brewery (where we decided we could fit a tin tacker and pint glass in the box we’re mailing home from Bellingham), and seven hours later we arrived in Bend, Oregon.

There we were swept up by the whirlwind hospitality of Todd and Cindy, who took us on a pub crawl through Deschutes (where we decided we could fit a second pint glass in the box) and 10 Barrel (where we decided we could fit a third pint glass in the box) brewpubs. Lots of talk, lots of fun, late to bed.

Another eight hours’ drive, over Mt. Hood, across the Columbia River and up through Seattle–where we crept slowly along the accident-plagued metropolitan traffic at rush hour.

Arrived at rental returns at the Bellingham airport, where friend Joseph, the wizard of East 542, renaissance man and most generous host, collected us, bikes, and bags. Got a late dinner at Boundary Bay brewing (where we decided we could fit a fourth pint glass in our box).

Drove thirty miles to Joseph and Dara’s beautiful cabin in Glacier, in the shadow of Mount Baker. Another late night, but reveling in good company and very ready to get this southward show on the road.

Spoiler: all four pint glasses didn’t fit in the box. So we threw out the clothes we were going to mail home–cheers!

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