Day 3: The Mountain Was Out

A couple of bike tourists could be easily fooled into moving to the Pacific Northwest based on today’s weather: cloudless and warm, spring foliage in full bloom, and in the distance, 14,400-foot Mt. Rainier looming over all, in very rare full view.

After a wild night of IPA and deep-fried fresh seafood at historic and very social Toby’s Tavern in Coupeville, and a good night’s sleep with the windows opened wide, we geared up, checked out, and rolled across Whidbey Island to the ferry terminal to wait 75 minutes for the 10:15 to Port Townsend, a 30-minute crossing of Puget Sound.

Fueled by Gatorade and a couple of sandwiches picked up on the cheap in a super-local market, we pedaled along the mostly packed gravel Larry Scott Memorial Trail, a gorgeous ride through the woods–which only occasionally left us wishing for full suspension–far from Memorial Day weekend traffic. Good thing we saved half our sandwiches: after a long downhill around mile 20 we realized we’d blown by the last gas station for another 20 miles, and had no chance of further grub. We could climb the hill again, but…. We finished our sandwiches and held out for gas station potatoes at mile 40. They were sublime.

Any portapotty in a storm …

Mile 40 came crossing the Hood Canal and following its east bank south across rolling woodlands into busy Silverdale and Bremerton, and as the long hot (!) Northwestern afternoon turned into a beautiful evening, we rolled into Belfair and the only motel in town, a $63 room with somebody else’s hair all over the shower wall.

Day 3 totals: 74 miles, 3800 feet of climbing. Every road is a new road; every beer is a new beer; every portapotty is a new portapotty. La dolce vita.

1 thought on “Day 3: The Mountain Was Out”

  1. Just caught up on your marvelous adventures! Well, could have passed on the hairy shower, but everything else looks/sounds dynamic and delicious, with a decent amount of challenges. Ride On!


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